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A new dance floor, probably the largest open-air purpose built dance floor in Ghana, and perhaps West Africa, opened at the start of 2010.

The floor has been designed by a connoisseur of dance floors worldwide. Text and colours,  chosen to create and enhance the liberating artistic spirit, are set into and around the floor. There are other remarkable design elements which need to be seen. The floor is built on the highest ground within the complex, giving superb sea views from many locations, and open to cool air currents high off the sea. The seating is terraced, to afford excellent views both of the sea and of the action, and to provide  some very cool hangouts.

Bar area and Gardens

The Dance Floor Schedule

Events on the floor are on an ad-hoc basis. You can always offer your own if you want, just ask.

(If you are in the hotel, please note that the programs are designed to respect your sleep, if you prefer that to nightlife. The standard rooms are well away from the music; all you will hear in your room is the ocean.)


A new pool table is due June 2019. Hotel guests will play at half price: Ghc1 a game.

We can also organise drumming and dance lessons for you.

And for quieter leisure time, borrow a mifi and get online with your laptop.