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Visit our new restaurant, in what are perhaps the most charming, peaceful, naturally cool, and beautiful surroundings in all Accra; in lush gardens, under summer huts, set high on the cliff, above a beach, overlooking Jamestown harbour.

This is one of the rare vegetarian restaurants in West Africa.

We have both local and international dishes.

In April 2011, we launched “Satgit”, the first Indian restaurant in Central Accra, using the best imported spices and other ingredients.

We have now added ice cream shakes and ice cream desserts and fresh coffee to the menu.

Prices are reasonable; eat and drink from around GhC15

We are open every day till 2200pm.

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Come! (unless you want home delivery, then don’t!)

Leave with your body at peace and your spirit singing.

We serve:

  • Breakfast all day
  • Snacks all day
  • Fresh juices and smoothies all day
  • Salads all day
  • Four different kinds of spaghetti and six different sauces all day; mix your own
  • Forty local and international dishes all day.

We don’t serve:

  • Animal flesh.


  • Better health
  • Longer life
  • Good for the planet
  • No chickens with strings round their legs, no goats with strings round their necks
  • Fish left to glide gracefully, bright-eyed, though the waters


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