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Tour packages

If you are only overnighting and need a bus ticket for the next day (and for long-distance routes, advance booking is highly recomnmended).

We can make bookings for you in other hotels and suggest itineries.

We can store luggage for you.

Eco-tours: Live it, don’t just look at it

In recent years ecotourism or experiential travel has been an alternative to traditional mainstream ways of traveling. Simply seeing the sights is no longer enough. You  experience how the locals live, work and play. By relating with native people, you may give something back to the places and people you visit and become enriched by a different culture.

At The Rising Phoenix Magic Beach we offer tours that can take you off the beaten path. We’ll provide you with a native guide to take you to places you wouldn’t normally see. People who took our tours say that it was an experience that changed their lives.

Here are some of the possible tour experiences:

  • Meet native people, get to know how they live and the local customs, learn some tribal language expressions from native speakers, learn about local foods
  • Travel by local transportation, spend a night or more in a Ghanaian household
  • Learn dancing and drumming, dance to drums on the beach by a bonfire
  • Explore the rich culture of West Africa: traditional, cultural performances, fetish dances, festivals, fetish priests rituals, shamanic ju-ju ceremonies
  • Dance at the private parties, funerals (the biggest celebration in Ghana)
  • Canopy walk and trekking in virgin rainforest, spend a night on the observation platform to watch wild animals
  • See elephants and other animals in the wild
  • Visit a cacao plantation, eat raw cacao, learn about plants of the rainforest
  • Canoe on the river Pra and visit villagers living in clay huts in the forest
  • Swim in a sacred lake of the Ashanti tribe
  • Tour slums in Accra, go to local markets
  • Visit a foundation for homeless children and enjoy the children’s dance performance in a village setting
  • Make a change in people’s life: sponsor a child, make a donation or volunteer
  • Enjoy a performance by a Bamboo Orchestra in the rainforest (all instruments made of bamboo)

2 week tour: $1750
Individual or with a small group, with a native guide.
Price includes lodging (some lodging at the Rising Phoenix, some at Oasis Beach Resort), transportation, meals. Airfare additional.

1 week tour: $900
With a choice of most of the above options.

The tours are scheduled on request and are available every month. You’ll be traveling alone with a guide or with a small group of people. Please make a reservation at least one week before.